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For nearly two decades, Event-Pros has helped small start-up to Fortune 500 companies develop and produce engaging programs for trade shows, meetings, events, road shows, mobile tours, in-store promotions and more. Event-Pros provides a variety of professionally-trained and experienced spokes models able to supercharge your event and maximize the return on your investment. Our talent not only generate leads, they qualify them!

Three reasons to choose Event-Pros as your recommended staffing provider

  1. Our highly selective screening process ensures that clients receive only the highest quality talent available.
  2. Associates are required to attend a mandatory training programming from which they learn how to enhance their ability to generate and qualify leads – ultimately providing the best return on the exhibitor’s investment.
  3. We back up our staffing services with quality assurance measures in order to maximize customer results.

Event and Staffing Services

The foundation of our business is based upon our highly-trained and experienced event staffing professionals, who have earned us our winning reputation within the trade show industry.

Team / Event Lead Associates

Team / Event Lead Associates maintain all booth or event activities and act as the liaison between the client and Event-Pros, Inc. They are responsible for coordinating rest break schedules, checking in with the Event-Pros team as well as the client contact the day before the event and streamlining team communication. They will familiarize themselves with necessary aspects of either the booth or the overall event in order maximize the effectiveness of the Event-Pros team. The lead executive associate has a proven industry track record and the ability to act as the Program Managers main point of contact.

Booth / Event Associates

Booth / Event Associates assist to ensure your booth and / or event runs seamlessly and provides overall support. Each associate is well versed in a wide range of booth activities such as running the front desk, distributing literature, greeting and directing visitors to appropriate areas and qualifying leads.

Booth / Event Managers

Booth / Event Managers in addition to performing all lead executive duties, this individual will manage every area of the booth or event including but not limited to opening and closing out each day and maintaining inventory. They will also coordinate regarding any end of show logistics, etc. They can oversee all aspects with no supervision and work in place of the Program Manager to give our clients the flexibility to step away from the event space if needed.

Product Demonstrators

Product Demonstrators connect and communicate with your target audience, explaining the nuances and subtleties of your concept with ease and comfort. Fully versed in your company, products, and services, they will convey the desired corporate message to your potential clients.


Interpreters are versed in the language of your choice and familiar with international business practices. Our cordial and engaging bi-lingual and multi-lingual interpreters bridge the language gap with international clients, making them feel right at home.

Crowd Gatherers

Crowd Gatherers increase your booth traffic and gain exposure. These enthusiastic crowd gatherers will attract audiences for presentations or demonstrations, generate leads, collect/process lead forms, distribute and secure all theater promotional items.

Emcees / Crowd Gatherers

Emcees / Crowd Gatherers are seasoned Associates who are on microphone intermittently throughout the day. Their duties can include introducing and exiting speakers, hosting raffles, managing any potential Q&A and crowd gathering. They will continue to gather a crowd off microphone and on the show floor once the presentation has begun.

Emcees With Language Skill Set

Emcees With Language Skill Set will perform all duties required from an emcee/crowd gatherer while also utilizing their language skills to communicate the same information to the audience. The rate will vary depending on scope of work (i.e. if script is provided, length of script, etc.)

Promotional Hosts / Hostesses

Promotional Hosts / Hostesses These friendly and gracious professionals are at your service to greet customers, serve food / beverages. Event time must be less then 4 hours.


Presenters deliver your product message professionally and effectively. These highly-adept and confident public speakers will add clarity, style and sizzle to your presentation or video shoot. Audition videos demonstrating presenter/actor skills are available upon request.

Celebrity Impersonators

Celebrity Impersonators are ready to show up and are available to mingle with your guests at your event! Prices vary depending on scope of work, hours required and current, high-profile status and popularity level of celebrity requested.

Specialty Talent

Specialty Talent we are a full service agency committed to meeting your needs. Therefore, we have access to providing you with Actors, Dancers, Comedians, Celebrities, Costume Characters, Magicians, Musicians, DJ’s, Motivational Speakers, Performance Artists and more! Rates depend on scope of project.


Models will provide an elegant and glamorous addition to your event and promote, display or advertise commercial products to serve as a visual aid while walking in a fashion show or posing for photography and / or print advertisements.

Event Staff Training

Event Staff Training Any pre-event training or post show review (i.e. pre and post show calls, webinars, product or material review) will incur additional costs. Prices vary depending on length and scope of training.

Event / Program Assistance

Event / Program Assistance Event-Pros is your creative and logistics partner. We guide our clients down a path to success by managing and executing all aspects of conferences, trade-shows and corporate events. We will work with you on pre-show planning, on-site execution and post-show wrap-up. Our integral involvement gives us the ability to step into an event management role for our clients should they be unable to attend a particular event or trade show.

Registration Staffing & Management

Registration Staffing & Management As a preferred staffing vendor for many large exhibitions and trade shows, Event-Pros has partnered with show management to provide & oversee staffing and implement a robust registration process. In addition to managing registration for these large exhibitions, Event-Pros has worked with numerous corporations to oversee staffing for registration and check-in for their live events, executive meetings, global summits and product launches.

Booth Staff Training

Booth Staff Training An executive of Event-Pros can train your in-house booth staff on essential booth etiquette as well as tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of the entire booth to make your event a complete success.

Customized Speaker Training

Customized Speaker Training We can provide workshops and coaching programs tailored to each client in order to assist in getting the most out of each of your presentations. We have some of the most sought after leadership trainers and speaker coaches in the industry today.


Event-Pros will provide any number of highly trained uniformed security guards necessary for the protection of your property and/or event space. Our team of experts will develop a list of mandatory tasks, based on your needs, that every security officer must perform. Officers must also fill out daily reports that include unusual activity on your property including incident reports and safety inspections.


No matter how big your event may be, you can depend on our janitors for thorough commercial cleaning services. We service a wide range of event facilities that have commercial cleaning needs. You can trust our cleaning expertise and devotion to eco-friendly services.

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