Our Methodology

Our Screening Process

  • Based on experience, client feedback, past performance, and brand representation
  • Initial phone interview where a specific list of questions is asked of potential Associates to determine their level of qualification

Interview Process

  • In-person or video auditions
  • Top candidates displaying professionalism, poise, and who best represent our agency are invited to join our talent database

Quality Assurance Program

  • Stand-by Program – Designed For Success
  • One or more trained Associates as a stand-by for every show/event
  • At no additional cost to clients
  • Guarantees each event is fully staffed in the event of an emergency or if the client wants to add additional Associates

Event-Pros Structure

Tier level to establish rapport and develop longstanding relationships through organized communication

Role of Team Lead

  • Work as main point of contact and on-site talent manager
  • Motivate entire team
  • Check in with team and client the day before show opening to ensure everyone is connected and prepared
  • Most knowledgeable, resourceful, and experienced on the team

Role of Associates

  • Create positive representation of client’s product/company
  • Communicate with ease and comfort
  • Convey desired message to potential customers & attendees
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